Frequently Asked Questions By Seniors

Q.  I can still cook and clean. Why should I move into Pleasantview Manor?

A.  Pleasantview Manor provides the care needed for seniors to live safer, happier & healthier lives. It also gives them the opportunity to enjoy their retirement, rather than spending it on cooking and cleaning (residents can also help with chores if they wish to do so). Socializing with other seniors and daily activities will keep you busy and enjoy life!

Q.  What do I have to do if I wish to move into this home?

A.  A medical, chest x-ray, and then an approval by the regional health authority is required before any person may move into a personal care home.


Q.  Will I lose my independence?

A.  No. In fact we encourage independence. You can be as dependent or independent as you wish. Pleasantview Manor offers stress free living.


Q.  What happens to my money if I decide to go into Pleasantview Manor?

A.  Your money remains your money and you just pay the monthly rate for the room which you have chosen. If you cannot afford the monthly rate, then a financial assessment is to be completed to see if you would qualify for a subsidy.


Q.  What is a subsidy? And who qualifies?

A.  A subsidy is an amount that the government pays to top up the amount that the senior cannot afford to pay the home for a room. The current subsidized rate is $2295.00 and the monthly allowance rate is currently $150.00. There will be a financial assessment conducted that will determine eligibility for subsidization. When a person is subsidized the government and the home owner still has no right to access and bank accounts belonging to this person. All a subsidy means is that when you move into a Personal care Home you pay your monthly income of Canada pension, old age security and/or any other monthly incomes and the home owner gives you back $150.00 per month for a spending allowance. If your savings is less than $3000.00 you will also receive a drug card which will pay for most drugs and your dispensing fees and will also cover out of town transportation to medical appointments and ambulance fees. It will also cover some medical supplies. If you decide that you would like to have more deluxe accommodations than what the subsidy offers, you can pay the extra to have a much larger room or a suite if you like.


Q.  Do I have to sell my home or vehicle if I need a subsidy?

A.  No you do not. All of this information will be collected in your financial assessment.


Q.  What happens if I get sick and I need more care than what they offer?

A.  If you get sick or need more care than what we normally provide, a reassessment is done and you are give the choice of which nursing home you would like to be transferred to. While waiting for the nursing home of your choice, you can remain living in Pleasantview Manor and we will provide the extra care needed until placement.